McCutcheon Marshall

Sentinel Group Inc. was founded in 1997 by McCutcheon Marshall, a former law enforcement officer and the first African American Male Court Commissioner for Baltimore County Maryland, who served as President and the CEO until he retired in 2010. McCutcheon passed the company on to his oldest of six daughters and in June of 2016 Sentinel Group Inc. officially became...

Sentinel Group Six.

Sentinel Group Six is a leading security agency and training academy based in North Carolina. We have over 20 years of expertise when it comes to safety and security. Sentinel Group Six provides its clients with a full range of investigative and protective services geared solely toward client satisfaction. Our team will provide you with the peace of mind that your environment is safe and secure while you focus on providing your best to your customers. We employ experienced and mature security professionals who have proven track records of accomplishment within their various fields of expertise.
Our highly trained team consists of off duty police officers (with full arrest powers), retired police officers, and ex-military professionals. With access to many of these security professionals, we are able to meet the needs of our clients 24/7.
Sentinel Group Six is a minority owned, small business which provides security solutions of highly trained professionals to commercial, industrial, and property management markets throughout the Mid Atlantic.

The company, with its headquarters in North Carolina, provides services such as:
  • uniformed armed/unarmed guards
  • executive/VIP protection
  • celebrity bodyguards
  • workplace violence prevention
  • hostile employee terminations
  • security infrastructure evaluations
  • front desk security
  • loss/theft prevention
  • surveillance asset protection
  • bank escorts
  • private investigations
  • off duty police patrols services

Our guards provide high-level security skills, defensive tactics, and discretion when protecting high profile individuals. Your safety is our priority. Sentinel Group Six is a business of protection that's always on guard.
Although Sentinel Group Six excels in the area of private protection, our extensive list of exemplary services does not stop there.
We also offer top notch firearms training, guard certification courses, armed/unarmed self defense training, and defensive tactics.
Our staff of exceptionally skilled and experienced instructors are ready to provide you with the specialized training you need to break through to the next level and beyond. If you want to learn how to shoot, Sentinel Group Six is the place. We can teach everything from basic target marksmanship to multiple threat engagement. Whether you are a first time shooter, or a seasoned professional, we have something for everyone.
If you are looking for the best security service, or some of the best training you’ll find, you are welcome to visit us at the office or give us a call 980.255.8086. We can provide you with a consultation and a free quote.