Business and Asset Protection

Business and Asset security is to protect commercial and residential condominiums, shopping centers, businesses and industries from the invasion of criminals, as well as making the right decisions in events pertaining to unforeseen circumstances. Our officers have major experience in handling crisis situations and maintaining high protocol. Your loss may be immeasurable if you elect not to count on business security. Good security personnel’s are important figures in the routine of any company or community, regardless of size.

We provide both unarmed and armed guard services, as well as specialized services such as internal investigations. In addition, we provide investigative services (computer security, loss prevention) as well as security consulting and other training services. As in any business or industry, there are basic standards that need to be met prior to conducting business. We strive to set the industry standard and bring together the best security strategy, tactics and quality security training that leads the trend and paves the path that others may follow. We are well known for our professionalism, excellent performance, and integrity that differentiates us from the competition.