Concealed Carry Courses In NC

IMPORTANT! Passing this course will require you to pass the live fire range portion.

If you have never fired a pistol,
or don’t feel confident that you have sufficient skill,
Our highly skilled and patient instructors can provide the training to get you where you need to
be with a pistol, and beyond.

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North Carolina requires all Concealed Handgun Permit applicants to successfully complete a firearms training and safety course that has been designed by the North Carolina Criminal Justice Standards Commission. This 8-hour training class is ideal for non-traditional and first-time shooters. The material will appeal to a mixed skill level audience. This covers but is not limited to the following:

  • North Carolina Legal Issues
  • Basic Safety and Awareness
  • Pistol Knowledge And Safe Gun Handling
  • Ammunition Knowledge And The Fundamentals Of Pistol Shooting
  • Firing The First Shots
  • Selecting And Maintaining Your Pistol
  • Carrying Concealed Safety Issues

The class requires both a written test and shooting qualification.

Shooting Qualification
Shooting qualification is required for NC certificates. The shooting qualifications will be scheduled after the class to ensure you get the proper 1-on-1 instruction from one of our staff. If you cannot complete the range qualifications directly after the class then you can schedule to come back and complete your range qualification on another day. However, you will not be able to receive the certificate until this portion of the class is completed.
For the shooting qualification portion be sure to wear comfortable clothing. Closed-toe shoes and long sleeves are suggested since empty cartridge casings may burn exposed skin.

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The class only costs $150 but is valued at over a $200 value and includes the following at no extra charge:
  • safety glasses to use ($5)
  • ear protection to use ($5)
  • range time ($25)
  • target ($5)
  • 40 rounds of ammunition ($20)
  • gun rental ($10)

North Carolina law requires that anyone who wishes to carry a firearm concealed must have either a NC permit to conceal carry or a permit from a state that NC has a reciprocity agreement with.
According to N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-415.12(a)(1-5) an applicant for a concealed carry permit must:
1. Be a citizen of the United States or have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States;
2. Have been a resident of the State of North Carolina for not less than thirty (30) days immediately preceding the filing of the application;
3. Be at least twenty-one (21) years of age; 14 4. Not suffer from any physical or mental infirmity that prevents the safe handling of a handgun; and
4. Have successfully completed an approved firearms training course (unless specifically exempted from the course by State law).
Sentinel Group Six has state certified instructors that can provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills that are required to apply for your North Carolina Concealed Carry Permit.

As referenced from the NC DOJ website, as of the day of this post, North Carolina currently has reciprocity agreements with:

Alaska Louisiana South Carolina
Arizona Michigan South Dakota
Arkansas Mississippi Tennessee
Colorado Missouri Texas
Delaware Montana Utah
Florida Nebraska Virginia
Georgia New Hampshire Washington
Idaho New Mexico West Virginia
Indiana North Dakota Wisconsin
Iowa Ohio Wyoming
Kansas Oklahoma

ALWAYS check local laws in the state that you are visiting in reference to areas and locations where concealed carry is prohibited. Ignorance of the law is no excuse to break it.